5 Benefits of the flexis Cloud Platform

5 Benefits of the flexis Cloud Platform

“The Cloud:” two words that are everywhere, but what do they really mean? Cloud computing becomes the standard for IT departments looking to meet the real-world challenges of modern manufacturing. So, what is the benefit of transitioning IT to the cloud? Let’s break it down.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing involves the delivery of IT services over the internet (“the cloud”). With computing services delivered via the cloud, companies no longer need to buy and maintain physical servers and infrastructure. Instead, cloud platforms can deliver everything a company needs for their IT department, using the internet. This includes everything from servers to data storage and software tools. Unlike with physical infrastructure, this means that all these services can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, on almost any device. As companies becoming increasingly global, with dispersed work forces, the resulting system can be a cost effective and efficient way to manage and deliver IT services. Most importantly, cloud systems are scalable, so services can be added or removed as needed.

5 Benefits of the flexis Cloud-Based Solution for Supply Chain Management

1. Fast, Reliable Computing

One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based computing is its inherently fast and reliable service. Cloud platforms rely on the principle of resource sharing, ensuring that redundant clusters of computing potential are available at all times, resulting in no downtime and consistent service, company-wide. The flexis solution specifically utilizes dedicated Kubernetes clusters to provide reliable, scalable computing. Plus, moving away from on-premises infrastructure can help companies to connect geographically distinct sites, like manufacturing facilities and global offices, all on the same network.

2. A Fully Customizable Solution

To remain competitive, companies need to be able to customize their computing and analytics systems to help them make the most of their existing data. But legacy systems and on-premises infrastructure can be difficult and expensive to customize. With the flexis cloud platform, companies can directly integrate their supply chain management solution with any API. The graphic interface can then be customized for individual users to feature the APIs most relevant to their work. flexis also customizes their platform using a suite of software modules to ensure the management platform meets the specific needs of each customer. As needs grow and evolve, the solution can then be continually updated and modified, with new deployments and updates occurring in minutes.

3. Take Advantage of Real-Time Data

With cloud computing, real-time data can be easily stored and fed into software solutions to garner rapid insights into company operations. The flexis cloud-based Supply Chain Services can use the data from systems of records (ERP, MES) via and allow planning in scenarios in a digital twin. With improved computing speed and reduced latency, real-time data analytics can be powerful, supporting rapid decision-making at all management levels.

4. Room for Growth

The flexis cloud platform can be deployed fast and secure, with all updates occurring “over the air,” making IT management seamless and easy. With a cloud solution, companies can scale services up and down as needed, nearly instantly. Plus, with services updated so easily, data storage and analytics can be modified as regulations change. One of the other major benefits of a cloud solution is the ability to access software from anywhere, allowing global networks to expand using the same computing system.

5. Reduce IT Costs

Cloud platforms are designed such that companies only pay for the services and solutions they require, and they can scale services up or down at any time. With a fully managed software solution, IT costs can be greatly reduced as companies like flexis manage maintenance, updates, and security. Plus, companies can reduce the costs associated with expensive updates and maintenance of physical infrastructure, that usually also require downtime, disrupting operations.


The flexis Solution: Optimized for the Cloud

The flexis services are containerized and cloud-agnostic, allowing companies to deploy their solutions on any public or private cloud or use the solutions on the flexis cloud platform. Custom solutions are developed on a per-customer basis from a suite of industry-leading software modules, ensuring a company’s solution is tailored specifically to their industry, size, and needs. For years, flexis has partnered with Microsoft Azure to deploy their full cloud service, offering leading speed, security, and customizability.

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