How Can We Optimize Our Production Processes to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs?

How Can We Optimize Our Production Processes to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs?

To optimize production processes and increase efficiency while reducing costs, implementing advanced production planning and scheduling solutions can make a significant difference. flexis offers two powerful software solutions that can address these needs: Order Slotting & Scheduling and Detailed Scheduling. 

1. Order Slotting & Scheduling: flexis' Order Slotting & Scheduling solution is designed to efficiently manage production orders and slot them into the most suitable time frames. By leveraging this cloud-based software, companies can intelligently assign orders based on their deadlines and efficiently schedule them to the correct production lines or resources. The system considers various factors, such as production capacity, resource availability, and order priorities, to create an optimized production schedule. 

Key Benefits: 
  • Efficiently group and schedule orders to meet tight delivery deadlines. 
  • Maximize resource utilization by assigning orders based on capacity and availability. 
  • Reduce production lead times and improve on-time delivery performance. 
  • Streamline the production process, leading to cost savings and increased productivity. 
  • Enable quick and agile adjustments to changes in demand or production constraints. 

You can learn more about flexis Order Slotting & Scheduling here. 

2. Detailed Scheduling: flexis' Detailed Scheduling solution takes production planning to the next level by creating highly detailed and optimized daily and weekly schedules. The software considers factors such as sequence dependencies, setup times, and machine availability, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of production activities. With the ability to handle complex production environments, Detailed Scheduling allows companies to manage even the most intricate scheduling challenges with ease. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Optimize production sequences for reduced downtime and improved throughput. 

  • Minimize changeover times through intelligent sequencing of tasks and orders. 

  • Enhance resource allocation and utilization, leading to increased efficiency. 

  • Respond quickly to last-minute changes or disruptions with real-time scheduling adjustments. 

  • Achieve cost savings and improved on-time delivery through accurate scheduling. 

You can learn more about flexis Detailed Scheduling here . 


By incorporating flexis' Order Slotting & Scheduling and Detailed Scheduling solutions into your production planning process, your company can gain a competitive edge, streamline operations, and achieve higher levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. These software solutions offer the agility and intelligence needed to optimize production, adapt to changing demands, and drive your business towards success. 

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