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The Impact of Industry 4.0 on the Automotive Industry

February 21, 2017
Industry 4.0 has been a boon to the automotive industry, streamlining operations and offering new business opportunities.

Is It Time for S&OE to Move Beyond Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics?

February 14, 2017
If manufacturing organizations wish to stay competitive and relevant, they need the predictive and prescriptive insights offered by advanced analytics and S&OE.

flexis Perspectives: Flavio Bordignon on Sustainability, Core Competencies and Global Partnerships in Supply Chain Management

February 07, 2017
Flavio Bordignon of Aprile Management Solutions discusses sustainable processes, core methodologies and global partnerships in supply chain management.

Why Your Business Should Plan for Global Deployment

January 12, 2017
For supply chain leaders, globalization offers new opportunities — and makes planning for global deployment a necessity rather than an option.

5 Key Benefits of Advanced Analytics

January 10, 2017
Technology and data play an integral part in today's supply chain. Analytics-based visibility and decision making are key for a successful execution.

flexis Perspectives: The Impact of Industry 4.0 on the Global Manufacturing Industry

January 05, 2017
flexis VP Robert Recknagel discusses what Industry 4.0 is (and isn't) and explores the ways that technology should support the migration to Industry 4.0.

The Key Components of Industry 4.0

December 15, 2016
By focusing on these key capabilities, supply chain leaders can foster strategic evolution toward the more agile supply chain of Industry 4.0.

Five Supply Chain Analytics Trends to Watch in 2017

December 13, 2016
With the advent of advanced analytics, the supply chain is evolving perhaps more rapidly than ever before with a number of important trends and developments.

Five Keys to Successful Digitization

November 29, 2016
To attain convergence between data and application integration, industry leaders must eliminate segregation and achieve natural momentum for integration convergence.

Is Developing an S&OE Protocol Worth the Investment?

November 22, 2016
Creating an S&OE process discrete from S&OP can yield significant returns by reducing daily operational cost and improving long-term strategic planning capacity.

Postmodern ERP: Not Just a Return to "Best of Breed"

November 17, 2016
Postmodern ERP fosters strategic collaboration between business and IT leaders and sets organizations on the path to thriving in the Industry 4.0 environment.

Advanced Supply Chain Analytics 101

November 10, 2016
Supply chain leaders have long incorporated data into decision-making processes, and advanced analytics play a vital role in raising supply chain visibility.

S&OP and S&OE: A Symbiotic Relationship

November 08, 2016
Effective S&OP and S&OE cannot exist without one another, and the most successful supply chain managers acknowledge and exploit this symbiotic relationship.

Three Key S&OE Trends for 2017

November 03, 2016
In 2017 and beyond, S & OE will continue to move to a S & OP mindset, with a deeper focus on integrated processes, big data and transparent communication.