The Future of flexis: An Interview with CEO Philipp Beisswenger

The Future of flexis: An Interview with CEO Philipp Beisswenger

Today on the flexis blog we’re excited to feature an interview with flexis CEO Philipp Beisswenger about how flexis has established itself as a thought leader in the automotive supply chain industry, but also the new opportunities flexis is looking to explore in the near future. As flexis looks to diversify its client base, products, and services, Beisswenger shares with us how the company is preparing to enter new industries and utilize the knowledge and experience gained in the automotive industry to help companies in other sectors operate more efficiently.

Nick Ostdick: Can you talk a little about flexis history and how the company has arrived as such a critical player in today’s automotive supply chain industry? What’s been the key to your success?

flexis CEO Philipp BeisswengerPhilipp Beisswenger: For the last 17 years, flexis AG has worked tirelessly to provide consulting and software for the automotive manufacturing and supply industry, focusing on the integrated planning and control of the supply chain from sales to production and logistics. During that time, the automotive industry has experienced expansive, global growth which has resulted in the need for software solutions and detailed industry experience to solve customer problems on a worldwide scale.

For example, flexis has experienced roughly 17 percent growth year over year during the last few years, and we’re poised to see about 30 percent growth in 2016 alone.  But the numbers only tell part of the story. By providing quality software solutions and consulting services to help companies navigate today’s complex supply chain, I’m proud to say flexis has emerged as a thought-leader in the automotive supply landscape and has experienced continuous growth and profitability for almost two decades.

flexis is on the verge of expanding into new markets and industries. Tell us a little bit about this new direction and why flexis is uniquely positioned to help companies in industries other than automotive?

We don't want to just rest on our past achievements and we take great pride in expanding into new industries and developing new business models. Venturing into new industries is aimed at creating a broader customer and service base as well as marketing core flexis technology to new partners in an effort to diversify flexis’ interests. Retail, Manufacturing and Supplier networks and the task of ensuring the right products are available to customers at the right time is at the heart of what we do, and the ability to facilitate these networks can be applied outside the automotive supply chain to other industries. These are the areas flexis is looking to impact by reducing the complexity involved with global supply chain management and solutions.

I assume there are certain challenges that come with this level of diversification?

Yes, diversification can be tricky, but one of flexis’ strengths is understanding the complexity, market segmentation, and customer needs that transcends the industrial and commercial sector. Our goal is to offer companies in various industries solutions based on those that have shown success in the automotive landscape in order to continue our growth trend and develop and hone our talents and abilities.

How does flexis successfully accomplish this transition? What are the necessary steps to ensure flexis enters these new markets on a positive note?

Well, first it’s crucial to have the right team of professionals with the appropropriate background, experience, and industry knowledge to help us use the skills we already have while at the same time pushing us to develop new strategies, concepts, and principles. As such, we have taken the necessary steps to expand our award-winning team with the addition of a new team leader who will help oversee and direct our operations beginning October 1. In addition, our existing staff will be invaluable in providing the insight and strategy necessary to support our expansion.

It seems as if the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 is going to be an important and exciting time for flexis. Is that safe to say?

I do think the end of 2016 and entirety of 2017 is shaping up to be an interesting and important time in flexis’ history. Never before has flexis approached such a market expansion in such an aggressive, strategic way, but I believe flexis is well-positioned to undertake this shift and assist other industries in leveraging the same lean supply and production models and solutions that have been so successful in revitalizing the automotive sector.

I’m just as excited about flexis’ future as I am proud of its past, and I look forward to the new challenges and opportunities that await flexis in the coming months and years. If nothing else, I know we’ll learn a lot about ourselves and the way we work with our partners and customers to achieve stability and long-lasting success.

We want to thank Phillip for taking the time to speak with us about the next steps for flexis and what's on the horizon for those within the company. Click the link below for more information about flexis software solutions and products. 

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