3 Levels for Secure Cloud-Based SCM Planning

3 Levels for Secure Cloud-Based SCM Planning

Why is security a pressing issue for supply chains? 2023 will be a record year for cyberattacks, with an average cost of $4.35 million per breach. Access points are multiplying with supply chain digitalization and more processes expanding into the cloud.

The only path forward for supply chains is digitalization and increased collaboration, and data breaches are an unavoidable hazard. Solution providers and their customers will increasingly value products that maximize supply chain efficiency and incorporate design features that increase protection.

Collaborative supply chain planning is one of the most appealing cloud solutions, so it's likely to be part of every company’s future. What security features are needed for cloud-based planning to meet these requirements? That’s what this article outlines, and for our example, we’ll examine the flexis cloud suite of apps for optimizing S&OP, APS, and SCM planning.

Security Layer 1: Software Functionality 

flexis Integrated End-to-End Supply Chain Planning

Software functionality affords the first layer of protection in an effective planning solution. More specifically, taking a holistic planning approach to supply chain optimization. 

Risk management is integral to supply chain optimization and involves detecting unexpected patterns, risks, and constraints. Optimization requires comprehensive planning in real-time to maximize potential savings. It produces an end-to-end plan that aligns cross-functional activities and mitigates incongruities 

flexis software functionality designed for supply chain optimization also protects the supply chain process from disruptions that can result from a security breach, and these include:

  • Predictive Analytics: flexis’ Live Analytics can detect trends and patterns, suspicious anomalies, and quarantine transactions to ensure planning and execution are not compromised.  

  • Collaboration: The flexis cloud platform facilitates secure cooperation between supply chain partners, enhancing visibility and enabling efficient monitoring of security-related issues. 

  • Real-Time Visibility: A digital twin of the supply chain provides visibility of orders and shipments from production to final delivery. End-to-end transparency enables proactive monitoring, early detection of security issues, and rapid response to disruptions.

  • Transportation Optimization: Unpredictable events in logistics disrupt the flow of data, shipments, and capital through the supply chain. Shipping schedules with sudden disruptions can ripple throughout the enterprise. If a breach disrupts shipping schedules, problems can cascade through the enterprise. flexis SCM Vehicle Routing and Scheduling is an optional app that optimizes fleet operations. Transportation optimization considers security , costs, and constraints to ensure reliable delivery. 

Security Layer 2: Cloud Security Features for all of these solutions and the integrated data

flexis Cloud Supply Chain Services

  • Encryption and Access Control: Data encryption ensures sensitive information remains secure, and role-based access control and multi-factor authentication prevent unauthorized access to the system.

  • Automated Threat Detection and Monitoring: Continuous cloud infrastructure monitoring identifies potential threats promptly.

  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Compliance with regulations such as GDPR and adherence to ISO/IEC industry standards ensure data safety and security.

Security Layer 3: Operating Platform

Protection at the platform level isolates the effects of a cyberattack on the network running the flexis planning solution.  

  • Containerization and Isolation: The flexis cloud solution utilizes Kubernetes, a container orchestration platform.  Kubernetes provides secure isolation of applications and services, reducing the attack surface.

  • Scalability and Self-Healing: Kubernetes ensures seamless scalability, allowing the system to handle increased workloads without compromising security.


Supply chain planning in the flexis cloud provides a multi-layered approach to security, safeguarding organizations against cyber threats. The robust cloud security features combine Kubernetes and software functionality for supply chain optimization to create a secure planning process.


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