Advanced Supply Chain Analytics 101

November 10, 2016
Supply chain leaders have long incorporated data into decision-making processes, and advanced analytics play a vital role in raising supply chain visibility.

Reducing the Risk: The Importance of What-If Scenarios

October 27, 2016
A look at how OEMs can benefit from deploying what-if sceanrio capabilities.

Knowledge is Power: 5 Risks for Major Supply Chain Disruptions

October 06, 2016
A look at 5 of the most common risks for supply chain disruptions and breakdowns.

Fill Up the Tank: Push and Pull Supply Chain Management

September 29, 2016
A look at how and why companies should consider a more pull-based strategy for supply chain management.

Cracking Emerging Markets, Part 3: Room for Growth

September 15, 2016
A look at how companies can plan for long-term growth in emerging markets.

Train vs. Elevator: 3 Myths About Build-to-Stock

September 06, 2016
A look at the myths surrounding Build to Stock and the truths behind those myths.

How Leveraging RFID Technology Enhances Supply Chain Visibility

August 30, 2016
An examination of how leveraging RFID technology can result in greater end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Looking Ahead: Predictive Analytics and Supply Chain Visibility

August 16, 2016
A look at how predictive analytics is providing companies with greater E2E visibility.

The Great Balancing Act of Demand Capacity Planning

May 26, 2016
A look at how demand capacity planning solutions can help create and sustain overall supply chain agility and responsiveness.

Getting to Know flexis: Q&A with Project Manager Dr. Siegfried Kraft

May 05, 2016
A brief Q&A with flexis Project Manager Dr. Siegfried Kraft about flexis position as a thought-leader in the supply chain industry.

On the Move: Why Mexico Is The Hot Spot in Supply Logistics

April 26, 2016
A look at how and why Mexico may be the next hot spot in automotive production and supply logistics.

Why Companies Should Plan For Every Part

April 12, 2016
A look at how PFEP (Plan for Every Part) solutions create lean and efficient production and supply networks.

Cloud Computing in Global Supply Chain Management

April 07, 2016
A look at cloud computing and its impact on global supply chain management.

Moving Beyond the Bill: Rethinking BOM

April 05, 2016
A look at modern uses of BOM and its impact on a company's production and supply strategy.

Functional Silos Are Dragging Down Your Supply Chain

March 08, 2016
A look at how functional silos can result in a poor performing supply chain and result in waste of time and resources.

Shay Sidner named ‘Pro to Know’ by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

March 04, 2016
An announcement of flexis executive Shay Sidner being recognized as a 'Pro to Know' in the supply and manufacturing industry.

Why Supply Chain Optimization is a Value-added Proposition

February 23, 2016
An exploration of how supply chain optimization can be a value-added proposition for supply chain managers in making informed supply decisions.
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