Optimize Your Inventory Management with These 3 Strategies

September 20, 2018
When it comes to inventory management, every decision you make has an effect on the rest of the process, just as each new factor adds complexity. Luckily, there are some tactics that manufacturers and others can employ to better manage their stock levels and warehouse or container usage.

4 Surprising Uses for Real-time Information in the Supply Chain

August 30, 2018
In recent years, real-time information has become a key value-added proposition for bolstering efficiency and decreasing waste in modern supply chains. Is this technology being utilized to its maximum effect, or are there still new use-cases for real-time information?

Ignoring S&OE Is Increasing Your Risk

August 23, 2018
As Gartner defines it, S&OE is tasked with making small daily and weekly adjustments to inventory restocking, transport logistics, and other matters that require real-time monitoring, making it an ideal workflow for managing risk.

5 Ways In-Memory Technology Adds Business Value

August 09, 2018
Companies throughout the global value stream have been slow to adopt in-memory technology—in part because they’re not entirely sure what the relevant value propositions are. In pursuit of clarifying those value propositions, here are five ways that in-memory technology can help your business.

5 Ways Increased Visibility Can Help You Scale Your Business

July 26, 2018
Here are five way that end-to-end (E2E) supply chain visibility plays an important role in building a smarter, more efficient business.

5 Key Strategies for Improving Operational Capacities

July 19, 2018
In order to remain competitive in the world of modern manufacturing, production planners are constantly searching for new ways to derive more value from their operations via improved operational capacities.

Why In-memory Technology Matters

June 19, 2018
Recently, some businesses have been turning to in-memory technology (both in-memory databases and in-memory processing); but is that a meaningful way to empower agile decision-making for planners?

Getting the Most Out of an Integrated Supply Chain

June 14, 2018
To begin with, one of the most mission critical goals of an integrated supply chain must be to improve visibility and data accessibility.

A Real-time Planning FAQ

May 31, 2018
What is real-time planning, and how can it effect your supply chain?

How is S&OE Different from S&OP?

April 24, 2018
By closing the gap between planning (S&OE) and execution (S&OE) in this way, businesses stand to gain a significant competitive advantage in a world where the best laid plans often go awry.

How Will Industry 4.0 Impact Customer Experience?

April 12, 2018
The rise of Industry 4.0 stands to transform the way that manufacturing companies do business. But how will these new technological innovations translate into positive customer experiences?

5 Ways to Improve Your Demand Forecasting

April 03, 2018
No matter how sophisticated your methods, or how intimate your knowledge of the field, no demand or sales forecast will ever be 100% accurate. That said, demand forecasting reliability can be boosted through increased visibility and big data analytics.

Dissecting the True Value of S&OE

March 20, 2018
On the true value of sales and operations execution (S&OE), including advanced analytics integration, combating risk, and increased real-time visibility and transparency

What You Might Not Know About Industry 4.0

March 08, 2018
What you might not know about Industry 4.0, including advanced analytics and S&OE

How to Make Planning and Execution Work Together

February 22, 2018
On making sales & operations planning (S&OP) and sales & operations execution (S&OE) work together, with advanced analytics

What's So Modern About Modern Manufacturing?

February 20, 2018
On what makes modern manufacturing so modern, including postmodern erp, digitization, and sales & operations execution (S&OE)

On Creating the Most Responsive Supply Chain

February 01, 2018
On sale & operations execution, which is the key to a responsive supply chain in the era of industry 4.0
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