What-If Scenario Analysis in 2021 and Beyond

April 29, 2021
Optimized scenario planning with What-If analysis will revolutionize your company and equip you to handle the unexpected.

5 Features to Look for in Your APS Solution

November 03, 2020
The right APS can help you improve scheduling and sequencing--but how do you know what features your solution needs to have?

How Can Manufacturers Avoid Supply Shortages?

May 05, 2020
Advanced analytics and S&OE can both help manufacturers leverage production and demand data into more resilient supply chains, and thus reduced shortages.

5 Production Planning Strategies for Meeting Increased Demand

February 20, 2020
Demand fluctuations can catch many planners off guard, here are 5 suggested strategies to be sure increased demand doesn't throw you for a loop.

What Is Data-Driven Manufacturing?

October 08, 2019
Data-driven manufacturing can help smooth out the entire value chain and enable progress towards Industry 4.0

5 Critical Stats About S&OP

October 03, 2019
You know you should have an S&OP process in place, here are five statistics to back that assertion up and help you make your case.

How Not to Implement Advanced Planning and Scheduling

September 26, 2019
Advanced planning and scheduling requires a postmodern ERP mindset and high levels of visibility and integration in order to be successful.

The Benefits of Advanced Analytics in Production Planning & Scheduling

September 05, 2019
Advanced analytics can help automakers and other manufacturers reduce disruptions and maintain agility.

How S&OE Will Impact the Manufacturing Industry

September 03, 2019
S&OE picks up where S&OP leaves off, with short-term logistics plans that have a huge impact on your shipping and your customer's experience.

What Is Advanced Planning and Scheduling?

July 25, 2019
What is advanced planning and scheduling? It's a digital process for optimizing the modern supply chain.

5 Facts About Advanced Planning and Scheduling

July 11, 2019
Advanced planning and scheduling reduces waste, improves disruption management, and integrates with Industry 4.0 systems.

What Industry 4.0 Will Mean for Your Employees

September 27, 2018
The first three industrial revolutions changed the nature of work and the daily lives of workers. Will Industry 4.0 do the same?

How-to: Optimizing Your Planning Flow

September 25, 2018
Let's say you're an OEM, with a sleek manufacturing space and a sophisticated, technologically cutting edge process for creating a particular automotive part. How can you build towards a production planning workflow that's equally sophisticated?

The Impact of Cognitive Analytics on the Automotive Supply Chain

September 11, 2018
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing. Together, these technologies and others have come to be known as cognitive analytics, and even in their developmental stages they’re already having a widespread impact on the way the automotive supply chain.

What Industry 4.0 Will Mean for Your Planning Workflows

September 04, 2018
Imagine you own and operate a pin factory at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. One day, you come in and announce to your workers that you’ll be implementing steam powered machinery into your production processes. How would your workers respond, and what can that tell us about Industry 4.0?

5 Uses for Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management

August 16, 2018
If you follow the news and trends in supply chain management, you’ve no doubt noticed that machine learning (ML) is often touted as the next major innovation in this long line of technological evolutions—but what, exactly, is it, and how can supply chain managers put it to use?

Production Scheduling 101: Tackling the Job Shop Problem

July 31, 2018
How do we reconcile the difficulty of scheduling production in a job shop with the obvious value that it presents for many businesses, and what can that tell us about the future of job shop scheduling?
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