5 Keys to Optimizing Furniture Logistics

November 20, 2018
Many modern furniture manufacturers rely on workflows that skip the inventory stage altogether, with products going straight from their respective production lines to delivery vehicles. As a result, furniture logistics can present some of the thorniest problems faced in modern transport planning.

Forecast Accuracy: Demand Sensing in the Supply Chain

November 15, 2018
What does batch baking have to do with improving forecast accuracy in an industrial setting? Both require a nuanced understanding of the factors that predict future demand levels.

5 Key Benefits of Supply Chain Analytics

November 06, 2018
How is supply chain analytics like the Moneyball revolution in modern baseball statistics? Read on to find out.

How-to: Optimizing Your Planning Flow

September 25, 2018
Let's say you're an OEM, with a sleek manufacturing space and a sophisticated, technologically cutting edge process for creating a particular automotive part. How can you build towards a production planning workflow that's equally sophisticated?

The Impact of Cognitive Analytics on the Automotive Supply Chain

September 11, 2018
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing. Together, these technologies and others have come to be known as cognitive analytics, and even in their developmental stages they’re already having a widespread impact on the way the automotive supply chain.

The Marriage of Industry 4.0 and Job Shop Scheduling

August 28, 2018
What, exactly, is it that makes Industry 4.0 and job shop scheduling a match made in heaven?

5 Uses for Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management

August 16, 2018
If you follow the news and trends in supply chain management, you’ve no doubt noticed that machine learning (ML) is often touted as the next major innovation in this long line of technological evolutions—but what, exactly, is it, and how can supply chain managers put it to use?

5 Ways In-Memory Technology Adds Business Value

August 09, 2018
Companies throughout the global value stream have been slow to adopt in-memory technology—in part because they’re not entirely sure what the relevant value propositions are. In pursuit of clarifying those value propositions, here are five ways that in-memory technology can help your business.

5 Ways Increased Visibility Can Help You Scale Your Business

July 26, 2018
Here are five way that end-to-end (E2E) supply chain visibility plays an important role in building a smarter, more efficient business.

5 Logistics Trends to Watch Out For

July 05, 2018
Though many of the impending changes in the world of logistics will no doubt seem daunting, they will also present new opportunities for businesses to grow and gain competitive advantages. Here are a few of the most interesting emerging logistics trends to watch out for.

5 Ways to Measure Supply Chain Visibility

July 03, 2018
Today’s supply chain managers are often in pursuit of that elusive measure of supply chain health: end-to-end (E2E) supply chain visibility.

5 Predictions for Advanced Analytics in 2018

June 28, 2018
Each year, topics like big data, advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence dominate conversations about supply chain technology, becoming the focus of increasing amounts of speculation as the real power of these technologies becomes clearer and more apparent.

Why In-memory Technology Matters

June 19, 2018
Recently, some businesses have been turning to in-memory technology (both in-memory databases and in-memory processing); but is that a meaningful way to empower agile decision-making for planners?

Getting the Most Out of an Integrated Supply Chain

June 14, 2018
To begin with, one of the most mission critical goals of an integrated supply chain must be to improve visibility and data accessibility.

A 5-step Guide to Minimizing Supply Chain Risk

June 07, 2018
In February of 2018, popular fast food brand KFC was in the midst of making some big changes to its UK supply chain. What followed was a cautionary tale about failing to manage supply chain risk.

A Real-time Planning FAQ

May 31, 2018
What is real-time planning, and how can it effect your supply chain?

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact the Global Supply Chain

May 15, 2018
We’ve spoken a bit on this blog about the impact that artificial intelligence and machine learning can have on a given company’s supply chaining planning and day-to-day operations, but what impact does this technology stand to make on the global supply chain as a whole?
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