How Machine Learning Can Impact Global Logistics

June 18, 2019
Machine learning and other advanced analytics processes are helping to stave off disruptions and reduce costs in modern logistics.

5 Tips for Improved Production Planning

May 09, 2019
Production planning is an uncertain business, but there are strategies that supply chain managers can use to improve efficiency and optimize their processes.

The Impact of Machine Learning on Shipping and Freight Forwarding

April 30, 2019
Machine learning has the power to improve demand predictions and change the fundamental relationship between logistics providers and their data.

5 Steps for Improving Supply Chain Integration

April 18, 2019
Supply chain integration can be a major source of added value for manufacturers. But how do you make sure that you're optimizing your integration process?

5 Ways S&OE Can Impact Modern Manufacturing

April 11, 2019
Learn how S&OE can empower smarter inventory management, improved transport planning, bolstered visibility, and reduced manufacturing costs.

How Machine Learning Can Transform Your Demand Planning

April 04, 2019
Machine learning has the power to change supply chain management in numerous ways. How? By changing the way that businesses handle demand forecasts and capacity planning.

5 Tips for Avoiding Supply Chain Disruptions

March 07, 2019
For supply chain managers who are hoping to maintain a certain degree of leanness, the trick is to find ways to mitigate disruptions without costly fortifications at every turn. This means finding ways to be smarter, and more proactive, rather than more defensive and reactive.

5 Elements of a Healthy Digital Supply Chain

March 05, 2019
In previous eras, you’d only know that there was a problem with your supply chain if something actively went wrong. But in the modern, digital world, it’s suddenly possible to collect, store, and analyze enough data to identify the early warning signs of any potential supply chain disruptions.

How Simulations Drive Industry 4.0 Growth

February 28, 2019
How is Industry 4.0 like The Matrix? Accurate digital simulations are very important to each.

What Are Digital Twins?

February 14, 2019
What are digital twins, and what do they have to do with NASA's Apollo 13 mission?

Can Digitization Reduce Supply Chain Disruptions?

February 07, 2019
The top supply chain disruptions include climate and weather events, forecasting errors, new trade regulations, oil and freight price fluctuations, machine and fleet breakdowns, and poor IT and technology integration, among others. Can supply chain digitization help fight them?

What Is Job Shop Scheduling?

February 05, 2019
The ability to create efficient production schedules in a job shop can be a key value added propositions for manufacturers. But it's easier said than done.

How Big Data is Impacting Supply Chain Management

January 24, 2019
How is an omelet bar like supply chain management? They both get more efficient the more data you have.

Are Your Demand Forecasts Data-driven?

January 15, 2019
In the pre-Industry 4.0 era, most forecasts were able to leverage data only in a fairly limited way, referring to past customer and market behavior. This paradigm has its uses, but it’s fundamentally reactive; data-driven forecasts, on the other hand, offer a proactive alternative.

5 Benefits of Supply Chain Integration

January 08, 2019
How is baseball like supply chain integration? Effective strategy in both requires a lot of intra-organizational communication and visibility.

A 5 Step Guide to Optimizing Total Logistics Costs

December 06, 2018
For manufacturers in the modern, global supply chain, it’s not uncommon to face the following question: you want to lower your total logistics costs, but how much risk are you willing to incur in order to do so?

How Real-time Decision-making Will Change Your Whole Supply Chain

November 22, 2018
What can smart fridges tell us about real-time information in the supply chain? Read on to find out!