5 Facts About Digital Route and Tour Planning

January 31, 2019
Efficiently moving goods has gotten more difficult as trade routes have proliferated and the average number of touches along those routes has increased—but in the digital age you also have more options than ever before when it comes to planning, tracking, and optimizing shipments of goods.

How Logistics 4.0 Will Disrupt the Global Supply Chain

January 29, 2019
What is the Amazon Effect, and what does it have to do with Logistics 4.0?

How Big Data is Impacting Supply Chain Management

January 24, 2019
How is an omelet bar like supply chain management? They both get more efficient the more data you have.

5 Keys to Coping with Complexity in Modern Logistics

January 22, 2019
In chess, you're taught to think several moves ahead. In logistics management, you need to do the same.

Picking the Right Supply Chain Technology: Industry 4.0 Edition

January 17, 2019
While evaluating an IT solution is, in some ways, just like evaluating any other product, it’s also markedly different in others. Specifically, it requires businesses to think not just practically but conceptually, considering the long-term, transformative implications of a given piece of software.

Are Your Demand Forecasts Data-driven?

January 15, 2019
In the pre-Industry 4.0 era, most forecasts were able to leverage data only in a fairly limited way, referring to past customer and market behavior. This paradigm has its uses, but it’s fundamentally reactive; data-driven forecasts, on the other hand, offer a proactive alternative.

5 Keys to Successful Demand Capacity Planning

January 10, 2019
As a production planner, how do you go about optimizing your demand capacity planning? To begin with, you’ll need to figure out what the maximum production capacity of your plant is.

5 Benefits of Supply Chain Integration

January 08, 2019
How is baseball like supply chain integration? Effective strategy in both requires a lot of intra-organizational communication and visibility.

Can Industry 4.0 Prevent Supply Chain Disruptions?

January 03, 2019
How is supply chain management in the Industry 4.0 era like optimizing your morning commute? In both cases, more data is the key to staving off unwanted disruptions.

5 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2021

January 01, 2019
Supply chain management as a field has gone through plenty of change during the past few decades, including the advent of Industry 4.0.