The Benefits of Industry 4.0 in Production Planning

December 27, 2018
One of the most significant changes being brought about right now by the Industry 4.0 revolution is the sheer increase in data and information transparency across the entire supply chain. This has big implications for production planning.

How Digital Shipping Can Lower Logistics Costs

December 25, 2018
As shipping processes become increasingly digitized, the way that we move goods from Point A to Point B is changing too. How can businesses capitalize on these new realities?

Route Planning in the Era of Logistics 4.0

December 20, 2018
Over the course of human history, many of or most critical technological advances have been put to use in helping people and goods get from Point A to Point B more effectively. Logistics 4.0 is no different.

Is the Furniture Industry Ready for Industry 4.0?

December 18, 2018
As the era of Industry 4.0 continues to ramp up, new corners of the world of industry will continue to see rapid growth and changes—how will the furniture industry respond?

The Benefits of Inbound Pull in Modern Logistics

December 13, 2018
What does mixology have to do with modern logistics? They can both demonstrate the value of pull-based planning.

Sustainability in the Automotive Supply Chain

December 11, 2018
Deciding on acceptable trade offs between sustainability and profitability, uncovering areas where sustainability increases profitability, and developing new KPIs for managing vendors and suppliers: these are the questions that arise in the modern automotive supply chain.

A 5 Step Guide to Optimizing Total Logistics Costs

December 06, 2018
For manufacturers in the modern, global supply chain, it’s not uncommon to face the following question: you want to lower your total logistics costs, but how much risk are you willing to incur in order to do so?

How (and Why) to Improve Your Forecasts with Demand Sensing

December 04, 2018
The introduction of real-time technology into the supply chain has led to the rise of demand sensing in modern forecasting workflows. But what is demand sensing, and why should you care?