What Industry 4.0 Will Mean for Your Employees

September 27, 2018
The first three industrial revolutions changed the nature of work and the daily lives of workers. Will Industry 4.0 do the same?

How-to: Optimizing Your Planning Flow

September 25, 2018
Let's say you're an OEM, with a sleek manufacturing space and a sophisticated, technologically cutting edge process for creating a particular automotive part. How can you build towards a production planning workflow that's equally sophisticated?

Optimize Your Inventory Management with These 3 Strategies

September 20, 2018
When it comes to inventory management, every decision you make has an effect on the rest of the process, just as each new factor adds complexity. Luckily, there are some tactics that manufacturers and others can employ to better manage their stock levels and warehouse or container usage.

Match Game: Choosing the Right Container for the Right Parts

September 18, 2018
How is container management like moving into a new home? They both get a lot harder with limited visibility.

Industry Report: Automation in the Supply Chain

September 13, 2018
These days, when most people think of automation, one of their first thoughts is of self-driving cars. What many people don’t realize, as they picture themselves magically napping away their morning commutes, is that when it comes to autonomous vehicles there are actually six levels of autonomy.

The Impact of Cognitive Analytics on the Automotive Supply Chain

September 11, 2018
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing. Together, these technologies and others have come to be known as cognitive analytics, and even in their developmental stages they’re already having a widespread impact on the way the automotive supply chain.

The Logistics 4.0 Tipping Point

September 06, 2018
As we approach the era of Logistics 4.0, a number of factors will contribute to its fast-approaching tipping point, including smart factories and the global supply chain.

What Industry 4.0 Will Mean for Your Planning Workflows

September 04, 2018
Imagine you own and operate a pin factory at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. One day, you come in and announce to your workers that you’ll be implementing steam powered machinery into your production processes. How would your workers respond, and what can that tell us about Industry 4.0?