5 Predictions for Advanced Analytics in 2018

June 28, 2018
Each year, topics like big data, advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence dominate conversations about supply chain technology, becoming the focus of increasing amounts of speculation as the real power of these technologies becomes clearer and more apparent.

Why You Should Never Do Job Shop Scheduling in Excel

June 26, 2018
Fun fact: In computer science, job shop scheduling is considered an NP-hard problem, which in this case means that the problem is complex enough that there is no known algorithm that can solve it quickly under all circumstances.

6 Important Industry 4.0 Statistics to Know

June 21, 2018
In the spirit of turning data into insights, here are six important statistics about Industry 4.0 to consider as you navigate the complexity of the modern supply chain.

Why In-memory Technology Matters

June 19, 2018
Recently, some businesses have been turning to in-memory technology (both in-memory databases and in-memory processing); but is that a meaningful way to empower agile decision-making for planners?

Getting the Most Out of an Integrated Supply Chain

June 14, 2018
To begin with, one of the most mission critical goals of an integrated supply chain must be to improve visibility and data accessibility.

The Freight Forwarder's Guide to Industry 4.0

June 12, 2018
If Industry 4.0, which has been touted as the fourth industrial revolution, has an impact that is remotely comparable to those of its predecessors, then it’ll be remembered for a lot more than just powering the smart factory.

A 5-step Guide to Minimizing Supply Chain Risk

June 07, 2018
In February of 2018, popular fast food brand KFC was in the midst of making some big changes to its UK supply chain. What followed was a cautionary tale about failing to manage supply chain risk.

4 Facts About Green Supply Chain Management

June 05, 2018
Adopting a green supply chain can offer competitive advantages while decreasing inefficiencies.